Systemic/Family Constellations Workshop

During this 4 hours workshop we will build resources, create an open and safe space and learn how to deal with symptoms that might come from our family history.  

By: Cecilia Altieri
Saturday 9th of August, 2014
From 10:00 am to 2:00 pm
Estudio Almíbar:
C/ Pau Claris 149. 4-2., Barcelona

Family or Systemic Constellations will allow us to bring to light the dynamics which involve negative identifications and entanglements from one generation to the next, re-establishing the “Orders of Love” and try to find solutions for the wellness and relief for every member of the family or system.

Each member of the system whether it be family, work or social, all has an influence on us right down to our conditioning, which can sometimes hold us back in life. Systemic or Family Constellations is designed to get to the heart of a specific belief system or problem which one has of him/herself. This type of work will bring clarity, relief and healing to these high states of arousal and intense emotional areas. We can target areas such as limited beliefs, trauma, healing, achieving goals, overcoming addictions or phobias among many others.

In this workshop we can cover:
– Issues related to health and illness
– Relationships (partners, parents, friends, colleagues).
– Biographical trauma or family trauma.
– Issues related to money or business.

The workshop is priced at €40. 
Early bird payments on or before 8th of August €30

To make a payment in advance please contact 656 715 310, or via email:

For members wishing to pay on the day, please confirm your attendance by email.

Tea and light refreshments included.

Cecilia Altieri former student of medicine and psychology has trained in Family, Systemic and Phenomenological Constellations in Spain with Joan Garriga and in Germany with Dr. Ursula Franke-Bryson and Thomas Bryson. She is a member of ISCA and dedicates her time to individual sessions and workshops relating to the subjects both at home and abroad.

For more information about Cecilia be sure to visit:
You can also Join us on Facebook. 


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