Money: Why can’t we be friends?

A workshop for people willing to understand their wallets and its behaviour… 

24th May 2014
From 10:00 to 14:00
At: Estudio Almíbar
Carrer de Pau Claris 149, 4º, 2º-Barcelona 08009
By:Cecilia Altieri

 Our lives are part of large movements of compensation and reconciliation and sometimes having debts is a way of ‘paying’ damages, to balance a non assumed guilt. Which may belong to us or more often, to an ancestor with whom we feel loyal.

We may spent part of our life paying old debts that are not ours thinking that the economic issue is about us.

The relationship with our parents can influence our relationship with money. Family or Systemic Constellations shed light on our relationship to money, debt and success. ‘Taking’ our mother help us to contact with success and money and ‘taking’ our father opens us to the power of professional achievement.
Finding our place within our family system dissolves the negative identifications and entanglements that keep us from wellness and abundance. 

The workshop is priced at €30 (5€ less if you have attended one of Cecilia’s workshops in the past).  
To make a payment in advance please contact Kitty: 634 00 71 32, or via email: to arrange a suitable time to do this. (All payments should be made in cash at the venue) 
For members wishing to pay on the day, please confirm your attendance by email.

Tea and light refreshments included.

A FREE introduction about the theme and Systemic Constellations has also been scheduled for Friday 23th May from 19:00 to 21:00 
For more information about the introduction click here.

More information about Cecilia be sure to visit:


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