The Dynamics between Health and Illness

An invitation from ‘La isla de Paz’ 

Family Constellations is a unique, phenomenological and systemic approach to healing. 

Cecilia Altieri a specialist in systemic constellations is back to lead us in a 4 hour workshop to connect with the strength of our ancestral lineage. We will build resources, create an open and safe space and learn how to deal with symptoms that might come from our family system.

We are all members of a family and we are bound by deep ties of love and loyalty.

However, unhealthy patterns from our past may cause the heart to shut down. If left unattended, this disruption in the flow of love carried across generations moves into the shadows and echoes through the family landscape often emerging as an illness, emotional difficulties, and broken relationships.

A kind of “living map”, Constellations provides a creative and profound way of seeing into the hidden family dynamics and entanglements that shape our lives and the suffering we experience.

In a short time, Family Constellation work has the potential to touch us on a deep energetic level, often leading to a transformation in our lives and the lives of those around us.

The workshop is priced at €30, Early bird payments on or before 23th of March €25

To make a payment in advance please contact Kitty: 634 00 71 32, or via email: to arrange a suitable time to do this.

(All payments should be made in cash at the venue)

For members wishing to pay on the day, please confirm your attendance by email.

Tea and light refreshments included.

Cecilia Altieri former student of medicine and psychology emigrated to Spain in 2003, since then Cecilia has trained in Family, Phenomenological and Systemic Constellations at the Gestalt Institute in Barcelona with Joan Garriga Bacardi. And again in Germany with the founders Dr. Ursula Franke-Bryson and Thomas Bryson. She is a member of ISCA and dedicates her time to individual sessions and workshops relating to the subjects both at home and abroad.

More information about Cecilia be sure to visit: 
Facebook page. 

Special discounts for our Meetup group members –Check us out here!


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