Working with Trauma in Systemic Constellations

Training in Somatic Experiencing, Trauma-work and Systemic Constellations

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by Karin Schoeber
26th & 27th October 2013 from 9:00am to 7:00pm
At: Carrer de l’Angel 12,3º, 2º. (Metro: Fontana) Barcelona.
Language: English with Spanish translation.

mãos dadas 5“The very structure of trauma, including hyper-arousal, dissociation. and freezing, is based on the evolution of the predator/prey survival behaviours.  The symptoms of trauma are the result of a highly activated incomplete biological response to threat, frozen in time. By enabling this frozen response to thaw, then complete itself, trauma can be healed.”
Peter A. Levine.

SE-Somatic experiencing and the Hypno-systemic Trauma-work enrich and deepen Constellations in a psycho-sensoric way.

The inner structures that arise in systemic constellation are nearly all related to encounters with trauma. SE adds a depth of understanding and process that is an excellent adjunct to systemic constellation. At the same time, the recognition that trauma-related structures are passed on across generations, adds a needed dimension to trauma work.

In this workshop we will deal with consciousness and body-awareness in order to find more balance between our individual authenticity and our belonging. By sensing, feeling and recognizing we want to extend resilience for integration and differentiation. Distinguishing restricting patterns and in-prints from our own inner being we can introduce flow and encourage self-regulation.

Who can participate?
This is an open workshop for those wanting to learn about Somatic Experiencing and how to integrate it in the Systemic Constellations framework. Also for those who feel the need to work personal issues that may be related to biographical trauma  or transgenerational trauma. For therapists, psychologists, doctors, teachers, and all those with an interest in the field of health and how to apply these techniques in their professional and/or personal use.

Limited to 30 people. To book send an email with your contact details to or call +34 656 715 310

Fee: Payments before October 11th: € 150.
After October 11th: € 170

 A certificate of attendance will be provided.

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